Be the FSQ Leader YOU are meant to, and deserve to be.

Imagine being crystal clear in your role, confident in any situation, and inspired to be the leader you have inside YOU.  

That's why the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program was designed for YOU and YOUR Team Members.  The only system that helps you develop the skills to effectively lead in FSQ.

There's no fluff.  Only results.

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Here's why the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program is for YOU!

-Ever feel like you’ve been turned loose to just “figure it out” in FSQ? 

-Or that you're treading just to stay above water?

-Or you're looking at where you are thinking, how can this be easier?  How can I do this better?

This is the system for you!  Whether you’re a new Food Safety & Quality Leader, or you’re an established FSQ Leader looking for something more, this system will guide you through the framework for success that no one has ever shown you!   Through this program you'll learn, and practice, blending #humanskills to support your technical knowledge so you can be the FSQ Leader you’re meant to be.

That's why in the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program you'll put your magic touch on each part of the program to build your intentional leader process. 

You’ll learn habits to success, identify expectations around your specific work (not just the broad description!), identify and nurture your circle of support, and SO MUCH MORE!

(P.S.  It's the PERFECT program for onboarding new team members to lighten your load AND we offer corporate rates)

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Want a Preview?

Everyone wants to know...what is the actually like?  

Guess no more!  Here's a short video with actual clips.  Each module has one or more worksheets to deepen the learning and map out your plan to apply it TODAY.  

Each concept is reinforced in group coaching, peer sessions, and group chats to be sure you have hand-in-hand support on your development journey!   

For a more detailed preview that further shows how each leadership concept is grounded in food safety and quality, contact Jill!


In this intensive, 12 module course you will walk away with:

  • Your unique, personalized leadership process that supports you being the intentional leader in FSQ you deserve to be.
  • A mindset where the only path is YOUR success!
  • Knowing the CRITICAL elements of your FSQ programs and the exact role you play!
  • A detailed standard worklist that not only acts as your agreement on expectations but also has been verified through Workload Capacity analysis, so you have work-life balance!
  • Solid work process founded on routines and habits that provide the foundation for success in FSQ  instead of the crazy chaos that can take over!
  • A clear map of Your Circle of Support that includes both your internal and external networks!
  • Welcoming friction because it provides lessons on how to handle any situation!
  • Team dynamics that set you AND your team up for trusting and empowering relationships!
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Build Confidence!

You've got this.  You've got what it takes.  After this program, you'll believe it!

Increase Clarity!

Kick the uncertainty.  Clear is Kind, says Brene Brown, so make that your mission.

Build Community!

You're not alone.  You don't have to do it all - that's why we are #inittogether.

What have members said?

Complex Manager

"After 90 days on the job being in the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program, my new FSQ Manager was successful in developing good working relationships with their manager, other plant managers, and the corporate Quality Team. My new FSQ Manager now has a clear direction and has successfully completed tasks, and found their place in the team. My FSQ Manager is someone their manager can trust to follow through and manage aspects of the quality system on their own because they know and understand the expectations of this role."

FSQ Manager

"One of the biggest take-aways for me was establishing a standardized schedule to organize my day.  Not only am I mentally prepared to know what my day will look like, but I also understand my job duties and the time it requires to establish productivity while also uplifting work life balance.  The program gave me a clear understanding of my position while giving me great encouragement and solutions-finding skills in taking on my new role as an FSQ Manager.  Jill is very welcoming and judgment-free which helped me work on my personal skills as well.   I would DEFINITELY recommend this program to anyone within FSQ either a new role or in a role for many years."

General Manager

"As a boss, sometimes it is difficult to onboard because it is easy to be too busy or take for granted things that are “understood” by everyone in an organization. If you have ever felt “I wish someone would have told me….”  but didn’t keep a list of all the answers, the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program is a great resource for your new employees."

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You know you've needed CONSISTENT support to help you develop and advance to be the FSQ Leader you're meant to be!

Join the ONLY program designed for success in FSQ, where you get new information each week, have weekly group sessions, and share community insights!

Are you ready for this LIFE-CHANGING program?

You need something that's going to shift you toward your goals. 

Don't wait for tomorrow, or to see what happens next year, or continue to wish and hope things are different.  You already know you are ready for things to be different.  That's why you're here reading this today.  You're ready to be the FSQ Leader you are meant to and deserve to be!

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Start Changing Your Story Today!

Here's what you all get with the FSQ Boss Accelerator Program:

  • Online program - new material each week including videos and worksheets!  A $5000 value!
  • A twelve-week program to have someone with you for several months on this journey! Priceless!
  • Weekly Coaching Labs every Thursday at 9 am CST (group sessions) because we are #bettertogether!  A $3000 value!
  • A program valued at $8,000 and over HALF OFF to be accessible to YOU!

Own Your Future


*Group rates available

Start NOW to be the FSQ Leader YOU want to be.  


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